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We are a passionate group of cannabis and health enthusiasts who believe in a better life for all. Our goal is to transform the landscape of how cannabis/hemp and vitamins are produced, bought, and sold, with each of our brands curated for individual consumer needs.

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From Cannabinoids to Vitamins, we have globally distributed product lines in over 46 countries and territories.


Marketplace + Convention


A custom built SAAS platform servicing retailers and wholesalers from every aspect of the CBD industry. We also hold the largest CBD convention for wholesales and consumers looking to revolutionize the cannabis space.




A cutting edge, in-house, manufacturing facility pioneering the CBD and vitamin industry with an extraction technology and an emphasis on high absorption nanoemulsions.


Our Growing Family of Brands

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Grove Inc. → Industry Leader in Wholesale CBD

Our executive team of supply chain professionals have one goal…to deliver the highest quality products with the quickest lead time in the industry. Because of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that we operate in-house, our customer service and competitive pricing is second to none. We adhere to all rules and regulations pertaining to marijuana and cannabis legal requirements and run our business based on complete transparency. We support retailers, customers, and cannabis industry veterans that have been in this business for years. Our whole supply ensures that there is no extra burden on your pockets. Our cost-effective process cuts out the middleman so we are able to cater to the demand request of CBD. We will continue to push towards new heights as we’ve emerged as the face of the legal cannabis industry