TruNano Labs is a State of the Art, Large Scale Production Facility

Innovation can only take place in an environment of research and development. We consider our ability to understand how to maximize product quality, our biggest asset and reason for continued growth.

Cutting-Edge Formulations

State of the Art Production facility for

  • Innovative Consumption Methods
  • High-Volume Tincture Lines
  • High-Potency Products
  • Large-Scale Gummy Depositor

CBD Distillates

Not a Pure Form of Cannabidiol

  • It Contains Various Cannabinoids and Terpenes
  • Experts Source it From a Hemp Plant
  • A CBD Distillate Has a Low THC Content
  • It Can Be Refined Further to Create a CBD Isolate
  • The THC Content Present in It Offers Mind-Altering Effects

CBD Isolates

The Purest Form of Cannabidiol

  • A single compound From Hemp Plants
  • A Less Expensive Form of CBD
  • Used for Hemp-Based Treatments
  • Available in Both Powder and Crystal Forms
  • Identifying Dosage Amounts is Easy

Superb CBD Quality

Maintaining Quality Takes Efforts

  • We Use Organically Grown Hemp
  • It Helps In Maintaining Product Purity
  • We Use Cutting-Edge Extraction Technology to Increase Quality
  • We Have a Highly Qualified & Experienced R&D Team