In the last 10 years, researchers across the world have been claiming that CBD, one of the cannabinoids found in industrial hemp, has tons of health benefits. Since researchers and health professionals strongly recommend the use of CBD for medical purposes, some states in the US have given a thumbs up to it. They have legalized the use of industrial hemp for medical use. Due to that, many people have started relying on CBD products to cure a range of health problems.

From acne, migraines, chronic pain, and inflammation to psychological disorders, CBD products are considered useful for each one of these problems.  However, in this post, we will only be discussing the role of CBD in relieving anxiety and depression.

Below are a few questions that will help clear up various doubts related to CBD, and its potential to treat anxiety and depression.

What Is The Most Common Way Of Treating Anxiety Disorder And Depression?

There are several ways of dealing with anxiety disorder and depression, but the most common one is the use of pharmaceutical drugs. And apart from drugs, psychotherapy also works wonderfully for psychological disorders. For example, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a great way to deal with both anxiety disorders and depression.

Is CBD Better Than Pharmaceutical Drugs And Psychotherapy For Anxiety And Depression?

Well, the use of pharmaceutical drugs can have side effects on the body, but they are still the most common treatment for managing anxiety and depression.  However, when it comes to psychotherapy, it is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to help people live a healthy life again. Now coming to CBD, all the studies up until now show promising signs. However, it is also essential for you to note that there are only limited studies so far.

According to a 2010 study, CBD holds the potential to minimize the symptoms of social anxiety disorder.  The study found slight changes in the part of the brain that deals with anxiety. Researchers discovered a variation in the blood flow in that part of the brain. Apart from that, the study also revealed that participants responded in a better way to anxiety due to cannabidiol.

A year later, another study discovered that the use of CBD helps in dealing with public speaking anxiety. And after that in 2014, a study came into the picture that claimed CBD influences serotonin receptors and concluded by saying that it can help deal with depression.

All these studies indicate that CBD can prove to be one of the best ways of dealing with anxiety and depression, but we still need a lot of research in this direction.

Can CBD Have a Psychoactive Effect On Your Body?

It is a highly vital question that most people have. And the answer to this question is, if you derive it from industrial hemp, it will not have any psychoactive effect on your body.

Is It Risky To Use CBD Products?

Whether you will face any side effects on your body or not largely depends on CBD dosage. So to be on the safe side, you should consult a doctor who can guide you accordingly. However, in the case of CBD products manufactured from organically grown hemp, you might not have any severe side effects, even if you end up exceeding the dose.

But no matter what kind of product you are taking, and how safe it is, it’s always better to consult a doctor.

To conclude, whether you are struggling with a psychological problem like anxiety disorder or a physical health issue like joint pain, you can try CBD products.


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