Since the legalization of cannabidiol products in some of the states, the demand for CBD products has spurred up. If we talk about the CBD supply chain, it is full of challenges. And hence, CBD retailers need to stay agile. Because, as the demand increases for cannabis extracts, farmers struggle to keep up. To avoid inventory excess and loss of cash, it is advisable for CBD retailers to buy bulk CBD from a wholesaler and cater to the small needs of their customers.

Before You Place An Order With Your Bulk Cbd Supplier…

Placing an order, receiving an invoice and getting products delivered at your premises – all these sound like a fairytale. But, in the case of CBD products, it isn’t at all. To ease your stress and help you make a smart decision, here we present Top 5 questions that you MUST ask your bulk CBD supplier before paying them.


Question 1: What is the amount of THC in the CBD?

Buying Bulk CBD from a wholesale supplier is not as easy as drinking a glass of water. The amount of THC matters a lot when you buy CBD. it should not be more than 0.3%. And that is the key difference between hemp-based products and marijuana-based products. The right amount of THC is safe and legal.

Question 2:What is the conclusion of a Certificate of Analysis?

A bit tricky but highly important to know whether the bulk CBD supplier has its CBD products certified and tested through accredited labs. The cannabis industry is considered as an unregulated industry. Where things are not under the control of rules and regulations, people take leverage of it. Your CBD supplier may claim the quality without any sort of evidence. So, it is safe to double-check whether the products are sourced from hemp plants and passed through third accredited third party lab tests. Check the Certificate of Analysis issued by the lab to check what kind of analysis has been performed. The lab report should confirm that the CBD product is free of contaminants. Then, you are good to go ahead with placing a bulk CBD order with your wholesaler.

Question 3: What practices were followed during the cultivation of the hemp?

Get a satisfying knowledge of fertilization,  aggregation of the seedbed, seeding, crop care, and methods of harvesting hemp plants that are used to extract CBD. If your bulk CBD supplier is knowledgeable and readily discloses his/her beliefs, he should be the right choice for you.

Question 4:What is the advised dosage of CBD serving?

Often, we retailers forget to ask such questions that may sound silly but actually matters most. If you are not confident in the amount of dosage, how would you educate your customers? You should know that the impact of CBD on person to person is subjective. It can happen that one consumer will benefit from just 10 mg whereas another might need 30 mg or higher dose to get equivalent impact.

Also, it depends upon the type of CBD product, that you want. The dosage method can vary accordingly. An ideal serving of CBD per dosage should be near 8-10 mg.

Question 5: What are other than CBD ingredients used in the products?

Well, we prefer CBD because it does not contain psychotic elements. But do not we need to check for the same with other ingredients? What if they contain some psychotic elements? So, straightaway, ask the quantity and proportion of other than CBD ingredients in the products you may buy.

Before You Go!

Understand the medicinal importance of CBD products. Know your customers and know your products. Place a bulk CBD order only with the trusted suppliers. If you are satisfied with the answers to these FIVE questions, you are good to go ahead!


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